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Yunnan xlj新蓝景虚拟库化合物

Yunnan xlj is proud to offer the new Yunnan xlj virtual library. Drawn from more than 16 years of library design and synthesis expertise and a generously stocked collection of building blocks, scaffolds and templates, the Yunnan xlj virtual library contains nearly 100 million compounds and has been constructed to meet the need for an expanded global set of lead- and drug-like molecules.
The new library was created using 30 different reaction types, the appropriate medicinal chemistry physicochemical parameters, coupled with known in stock materials from XLJ and the entire Yunnan xlj supplier set.
Yunnan xlj Virtual Library Quick Facts
Compound Count: 100,000,000
Shipping Time:       4-6 weeks
Synthetic Feasibility Rate:    60-80%
Inventory Library: 155K+ building blocks collected from 1,800+ suppliers
You can structure search the library on-line to narrow down to a set of compounds for which a synthesis quote can be requested. You can also download it in its entirety in order to review using your own computational tools, after which an SDfile can be loaded and a quote requested for synthesis
The database can be also be filtered with an on-line function provided on the website.
Source Chemical Database
Design Technique
Compound Production/Delivery
Additional Service
Compounds in the virtual library are designed for quick turnaround on customer demand. All virtuals are derived from stock building blocks and require a maximum of two steps.

Inventory Compounds

Number in Stock


Delivery Availability

Building Blocks


Yunnan xlj

10-60 days



Yunnan xlj

10-60 days

Fragment Library


Yunnan xlj

10-60 days

Stock Screening Compounds


Yunnan xlj

10-60 days


Representative Templates

Representative Building Blocks





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